Raising responsibility of heads in Covid-19 prevention and control


Nguyen Loc Ha, member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Vice-Chairman of provincial People’s Committee made the statement at a meeting between provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control with districts, towns and cities on the morning of May 3. At the meeting, provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control agreed to implement many urgent and drastic measures to prevent the resurgence of the pandemic.

Risk of pandemic outbreak

According to a report by the health sector, Covid-19 is currently complicated by a new virus strain that spreads rapidly. Regarding the cluster of Covid-19 cases in Ha Nam province, Binh Duong has so far investigated and supervised 11 related cases, including 9 cases of sharing a VJ133 flight with the patient 2910 and 2 cases in the isolation area of Alisia Beach Da Nang hotel with the patient 2899. All these cases were isolated and tested negative for the corona virus for the first time.

Raising responsibility of heads in Covid-19 prevention and control

The province promotes medical declaration for people who return from other localities

Especially, the patient 2650 was taken back to provincial General Hospital in order to further make isolation for treatment,  due to having the re-positive test result for the corona virus on May 2. After the April 30 and May 1 holidays, students and workers from other provinces have come back to Binh Duong to study and work increasingly, so the risk of Covid-19 outbreak is always hidden. In addition, the risk of infection also comes from the source of illegal entry, isolation areas for those who return from abroad.

Dr. Nguyen Hong Chuong, Director of provincial Department of Health recommended that localities need to continue strictly implementing the message “5K” of the Ministry of Health, strengthen inspection and supervision of wearing masks, ensuring Covid-19 prevention and control after the April 30, May 1 holidays. Business locations, factories, offices, schools … must arrange hand sanitizer; make medical declaration for those who come back from other provinces after the holidays. 100% of cadres, civil servants are required to make medical declaration. For cases of going back from pandemic-hit areas, they are compelled to make concentrated medical isolation.

“It is necessary for the province to establish a working group of provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Control and Prevention, headed by Director of provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism with members, including the Department of Health, the army, the police, the People’s Committee of the districts, towns and cities in order to check safety in quarantine areas for fees; organize delegations to inspect Covid-19 prevention and control under the announcement of provincial People’s Committee, propose provincial People’s Committee to handle units and localities that neglect the task as stipulated”, Dr. Chuong said.

Promoting role of community-based anti-COVID-19 groups

At the meeting, members of provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention-control and localities focused on discussing plans against the pandemic after the holidays, promoting the role of community-based anti-COVID-19 groups. Especially, sectors and localities will intensify inspection over the implementation of wearing masks in public places, strictly punish violation cases.

Regarding the inspection of illegal entries, Nguyen Van Du, Deputy Director of provincial Policy Agency said that during the April 30, May 1 holidays, the local police force coordinated with members of community-based anti-COVID-19 groups in tracing and checking illegal entries. Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Ha emphasized that, departments, sectors and localities should not be subjective and  neglect amid the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic. It is necessary to enhance the responsibility of heads in pandemic prevention and control; suspend some services that are not really necessary like bars, karaoke parlors, discotheques, games, and activities with mass gatherings that have a high risk of the spreading of the Covid-19 pandemic. He also suggested that sectors need to promote inspection over quarantine facilities for fees…

Provincial Department of Health also needs to quickly give training on tracing work for forces. Localities need to quickly penalize cases not wearing masks in public places. Community-based anti- Covid-19 groups should strengthen community supervision over cases returning from other localities. For districts, towns and cities that have not been hit by Covid-19 yet and  have no experience against the pandemic such as Tan Uyen Town, Di An City, Ben Cat town, they need to be proactive to calculate quarantine options and strengthen forces in order to be ready for combating the pandemic in the coming days.

“Localities need to immediately implement tasks and plans against the pandemic, corresponding to each pandemic level during the election. Initially, localities, departments and sectors will step up propaganda about voluntary medical declaration, limit mass gatherings. Heads of units and agencies in the province must be responsible for medical declaration of their officials and civil servants”. Mr. Ha said.

The whole province now has more than 4,300 community-based anti-Covid-19 groups. During the April 30, May 1 holidays, the province’s community-based anti-Covid-19 group system still operated normally. They still maintained 4 tasks: Going to each house for propaganda about Covid-19 prevention and control; grasping information about families with members having  Covid-19 symptoms in order to immediately report to the health authority; continuing checking the list of people returning from pandemic-hit areas but not reporting; opportunely detecting illegal entries…

Reported by Kim Ha-Translated by K.T

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