HIIT & Challenge Reps by Julia and Kristin New Update

Bạn đảng tìm kiếm hiit, Bạn đã tìm kiếm chính xác rồi, đây là những bài tập yoga giúp bạn cải thiện được thận hình nâng cao sức khỏe , hãy cùng xem và chia sẽ nhé:

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***Equipment I use***

Weights: Power Block Dumbbells U70 set up to 40 lbs:

Expansion kit on my Powerblock Dumbbells to make them go up to 60lbs:

PowerBlocks on YouTube:

Titan Fitness EZ curl bar:

Titan Fitness Elite Olympic bumper plates:

Titan Fitness adjustable kettlebell:

Titan Fitness bar jack:

Versa Grips:

Squat sponge:

Sandbag: Iron Core Athletics Pink Sandbag Training Fitness Workout System: **I have the Medium size bag and have it filled to 52.5 lbs**

Plyo Box:  Stamina X adjustable height plyo box:

Grippy sling shot Hip Circle:

Ankle weights: Gold’s Gym 5 Lb:

Bosu Ball:

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HIIT & Challenge Reps by Julia and Kristin
HIIT 50:10 (push pause after every 50 sec interval to do the challenge moves) 

Challenge Moves (“superhuman moves”) 
3 kb hang clean and press
4 staggered pushups plank hops 2/side
5 KB Goblet Squat
SET 1 Chest/Triceps
1. Spider knee burpee
2. DB Chest Press and leg drop
3. Tricep Burpee box jump
4. Tricep Kickback 3x, Press OH, OH Tricep Ext 3x
5. Burpee Arnold Press
Cardio and Pushup challenge
20  groiners 2=1
10 decline pushup plank hops

SET 2: Challenge Moves 
3 SA rows/arm
4 KB upright rows
SET 2: Lower Body
1. weighted frog pumps
2. plank hop DL squat jump
3. Good morning to alt curtsy lunge
4. RL Kickstand Rev Lunge
5.  LL Kickstand DL Rev Lunge
Cardio and Booty challenge
20  KB swings
10 KB plank hop DL Squat Jumps

SET 3: Challenge Moves 
3 dive bombers
4 SA snatches
5 russian twists

SET 3: Back/Biceps/abs
1. plank hop KB power clean
2. RA SA clean and press kick through
3. LA SA clean and press kick through
4. Rev Grip Burpee Bicep Curl
5. windmills
Cardio and abs Challenge
20 box jumps
20 plank hops
18 high knee toe taps
18 cross body mtn climbers
16 toe touch crunches
16 plank hip dips 8/side
14 LL hip up leg lifts
14 RL hip up leg lifts
12 lateral box jumps 6/side
12 low lateral lunges 6/side
10 Animal Flow Kick through
10 roll back jump up