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多啦A夢 My Doraemon Communication Robot 2009 A

Bandai Doraemon My Communication Robot 2009

Bandai has come up with a brand new My Communication Robot that is in the form of Doraemon. This 16.5cm tall robot boasts 11 features that makes it more intelligent than just a dumb toy, where there are temperature sensors mounted on 7 different parts of the body, enabling it to react to sound, light and temperature. It also has a 1,300 word vocabulary that is spoken using the animated voice of famous Japanese TV actress Wasabi Mizuta. Thanks to advancements in speech recognition technology, the Bandai Doraemon is able to hold a decent yet simple conversation with its owner, expressing its emotions through the built-in LCD display. Too bad this $328 robot won’t be able to pull out anything you ask of it from its pocket.

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