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Things that Spark Joy ○ ASMR ○ Soft Spoken ○ Chit Chat

Hello 🙂 How have you been? What’s new in your world? I’ve been a bit more exhausted and unsettled lately (said every stay at home parent, lol) BUT also very grateful for my life and today we’ll do a chit chat, deal? 😀
00:00 why no cool videos, Maria?
02:00 picking candles
05:50 mom visit, stealing flowers
10:48 shushy flowers, Carmel by the Sea
15:58 daycare
17:32 spirituality, crystals
27:17 highlights
28:20 wine glasses
29:20 sunhat
30:33 beauty products
38:15 tiktok
39:21 favorite channels
43:22 what video would you like?
44:12 ASMRsense my sister’s channel
Items mentioned:
Jlo beauty:
Nailpolish I’m wearing:

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