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The TGUNVCA-Virus Experiment | Resident Evil ASMR

You find yourself subject to yet another experiment being performed on the patients at Arkham Sanitarium by Professor Clemmons who has somehow managed to obtain a collection of viruses (and a couple vaccines), most of which were created by the infamous Umbrella Pharmaceuticals corporation.

00:00:00 It’s a Beautiful Day at the Sanitarium
00:05:47 Injecting Your Brain
00:13:05 The Viruses & Vaccines
00:16:04 Questionnaire
00:21:43 Rubber Chicken
00:24:08 It Started with a Flower
00:26:21 A Brief History of Umbrella
00:32:01 The Tyrant Virus
00:41:16 The Golgotha Virus
00:50:20 The Uroboros Virus
00:56:15 The Nemesis Virus
00:59:48 The T-Veronica Virus
01:04:21 The Chrysalid Virus
01:07:49 The Animality Virus
01:10:40 AT1521 and T-Virus Vaccine
01:12:49 Final words

Rumor has it that if you sit at the wrong table on the right day (or was it the left table on the wrong day?) on the ceiling of the cafeteria, you’ll hear whispers about Umbrella Pharmaceuticals still operating either in the shadows of, or in cooperation with, the NWO or the Professor himself. But hey, better them and the viruses staying on earth than one of the “Men” getting ahold of the them for distribution across all timelines of the multiverse.

I finally got around to playing RE Biohazard, RE2 Remake, and RE HD (in that order) around the time this video was made. I vaguely remember playing one of the RE games a very long time ago. With a renewed love for the games and lore, I tried my best to make this video enjoyable for those of you who enjoy RE as well. Looking forward to RE Village!

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