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Sci-Fi ASMR. Open Space Flow. Time Machine DIY (1)


You’re still on the space station K- Pharaoh 98 together with Aries and Ronny. This time you will need to examine enigmatic ancient artifacts from the capsule that you found on the dead planet. Aries is sure that you’re a time traveler and that the found objects might give a hint on how you time travel. However you don’t have any memories of your previous life. The only thing that connects you with your past is this old-world capsule.

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Created by Anastasia
-Unreal Engine 4 (Including assets from Unreal’s Marketplace)
-Adobe After Effects (+Optical Flares; +Element 3d; +Triune Beams)
Soundtracks by Dane Gerous Schmidt (THANK YOU DANE!)

Space flow soundtrack by Taylor Brook Music (for UE4)

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Portugese by Mariana
Vietnamese by Hanna Truong
Czech by Lenka Adamová
Spanish by namjuliet
Indonesian by Aura Reandra Paramitha
Japanese by maikos1
Korean by Lina
French by Gauthier Laventure
Italian by Carmilla
Chinese by Morris Wednesday
Swedish by Tindra Wennerlund

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All characters are fictional and are designed for immersion into the Atmosphere

If you’re interested in the storyline and the world I create, here is a document that contains fascinating fan theories and summaries:

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0:00 Space Flow
9:09 Space Station Walkthrough
14:02 Analyzing objects
20:52 Aries explores the camera
22:08 Something happens
23:49 Labs Ambience. Analytical Unit
28:49 Labs Ambience. 4d Printer Compartment

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