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Các bạn đang tìm từ khóa “asmr”, các bạn tìm đến đúng trang rồi. Hôm nay xin chia sẻ đến các bạn video “I got my SCALP cleaned in Japan, Soft Spoken (asmr)” nhằm giải đáp các thắc mắc asmr của các bác. Cùng xem video bên dưới:

I got my SCALP cleaned in Japan, Soft Spoken (asmr)

salon info: Ciel s Head SPA
address: Tokyo, Ikebukuro station, Ishikawa building 2F
website: pls go to pinned comment!

Top 10 Frequently asked question about Me:
1. Am I Japanese or mixed?
I’m not! I have been living in Japan for several years.
2. Where Am I from?
For privacy issues, I prefer to keep my ethnicity, real name, age, address in private.
3. Do I get treatments every day?
No. I balance treatments schedule considering my skin and health condition. For example, once a week.
4. Why “Twix”?
Me and My sister work on creating these contents together. As you know Twix chocolate bar has 2 pieces. So, I’m not the only creating these videos. My sister? is behind the camera as Camerasister. So we thought that would be fair If I add my sister’s name. Of course, not directly adding her name.
5. Why my Camerasister doesn’t show up in the videos?
She prefers to work behind the camera. I hope you will respect her decision.
6. Does my Camerasister also get treatments?
Sometimes she does get professional massage. Mostly, I give her scalp, neck, face, shoulder massages learning from professionals in my videos?
7. Who replies to the comments?
Me who always appears in the videos.
8. What kind of ASMR channel is this?
This channel is focused on Japanese exclusive head spa, face and head massage, aesthetics, facial and scalp treatments. In our videos, it is always “Soft spoken” in Japanese language with English subtitles. We don’t do “Whispering” and “No talking” videos.
9. Are my videos sponsored?
If I get sponsored on my videos, I’ll definitely mention about sponsorship in the videos according to YouTube sponsorship terms and conditions.
10. Do all places I visit have good result?
I always do deep research on the the places before I visit. Because, I have responsibility of showing the real result and recommend it to my viewers. I always give my honest opinion about the treatment, massage and environment of the place at the end of each video.
11. Do I have any other social media?
I have Instagram account. You can follow me using this link:
Mostly, I’m active on YouTube. Because, I want to focus on creating better videos. We’re working on creating Amazon page, Paypal donations, Patreon page where I can connect even closer with Twixes. They will come out probably on May ?

I hope you had fun reading my short Q&A!
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