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How To Make Omurice | ASMR Miniature Cooking Mini Food

The word “Omurice” is a Japanese portmanteau for omelette (omelet) and rice. Fried rice is wrapped around with a thinly mashed-up egg omelette and topped with another layer of ketchup. Let’s see how I made this super delicious recipe in my Tiny Kitchen and don’t forget to Subscribe!
How To Make Omurice | ASMR Miniature Cooking Mini Food
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– Rice
– Chicken
– Onion
– Bean/pea
– Carrot
– Spice
– Pepper
– Ketchup/tomato sauce
– Garlic
– Oil
– Egg
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Follow the daily life of James and Helen – an old couple living in a house with 19th-century architecture, in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. They love to make food and raising pets. Every day, Giant Hand comes up and prepares a meal for them with their tiny kitchen tools. They also have some special guests on special occasions sometimes.
Miniature Cooking focuses on cuisine, especially European cuisine, which goes along with the life story of James and Helen.
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