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Construction of Concrete Stairway Start to Finish [ASMR]

How to Build and Pour Concrete Staircase?
Excavation, Forms, Base, Rebar, Pour, Finish and Strip all in one video!
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How’s it going, everybody?
In this episode, you will see how to build a set of concrete steps from start to finish. Hope you enjoy this ASMR, it was quite hard to keep this video going without commentaries. Hope you enjoy it!

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Geoffrey H Goldberg
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Tools you need to pour and finish a slub:
Dewalt Pencil Vibrator
Wheel Barrow
Hand Float
Bull Float
Slicker/Mini Bull Float
Deep Cutter

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Time Codes:
0:00 Intro
01:50 Excavation
03:13 Forms
09:16 Base
13:03 Rebar
14:52 Pour
18:08 Finish
21:49 Strip
24:53 Outro

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