asmr- Can This Weird ASMR Video Give You Tingles? NEW UPDATE

Các bạn đang tìm từ khóa “asmr”, các bạn tìm đến đúng trang rồi. Hôm nay xin chia sẻ đến các bạn video “Can This Weird ASMR Video Give You Tingles?” nhằm giải đáp các thắc mắc asmr của các bác. Cùng xem video bên dưới:

Can This Weird ASMR Video Give You Tingles?

Welcome to this totally normal ASMR video lmao. Watch me try to relax you with the help of 10 tiny hands which are tapping, scratching and handling various items – to give you tingles and sleep or help you study and focus. ?
Inspired by ASMR Darling. ❤️
0:00 preview
1:00 *hand* sounds
3:34 nutella book
6:24 bluetooth speaker
9:00 massage ball
11:34 silicone hot plate
14:23 paint bottle
16:37 fake leather ball
18:41 led remote
21:01 blue metal water bottle
23:04 more *hand* sounds
24:01 silicone brush
26:20 playing with all the tiny hands

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