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BEYBLADE BURST GOLD LR LAUNCHER | Still My Favorite Launcher | ASMR | #Shorts #YoutubeShorts

BEYBLADE BURST GOLD LR LAUNCHER | Still My Favorite Launcher | ASMR | Shorts YoutubeShorts

Beyblade Burst
Beyblade Burst Sparking
Beyblade Burst Superking
Beyblade Burst Surge
Beyblade Burst Evolution
Beyblade Burst Turbo
Beyblade Burst Rise
Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle

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Welcome to When It Rains Beyblade YouTube Channel!
I started collecting and playing Beyblades last January 2020 but have been a fan of the anime since I was younger. I really enjoy everything related to Beyblades and have found fulfillment and happiness in them. I want to help the Beyblade community by using my videos as platforms to encourage the viewers to start or continue beyblading. Playing with Beyblades can be therapeutic and fun at the same time. It is an amazing bonding activity for both family and friends. I am a cancer survivor, a registered nurse and a person with disability who found new passion in Beyblades. I want others to experience the same joy I felt when I started beyblading. In this channel I review beyblade parts, make competitive/custom combos, do battles, unboxings and so many more beyblade related content. Please support my channel so that I may get to reach out to more people and influence them to take up beyblading.

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Favorite Beyblades:
Brave Valkyrie, World Spriggan, Hollow DeathScyther, Infinite Achilles, Mirage Fafnir, Rage Longinus, Tempest Dragon, Super Hyperion, King Helios, Helios Volcano, Hyperion Burn, Bigbang Genesis, Zwei Longinus, Judgement Joker, Wizard Fafnir, Master Diabolos, Imperial Dragon, Prime Apocalypse, Regalia Genesis, Union Diabols, Cho-z Spriggan, Cho-z Achilles, Choz-Valkyrie, Dead Phoenix, Revive Phoenix, Hell Salamander, Orb Egis,

Favorite Beyblade Burst Characters:
Valt Aoi

Aiga Akaba
Free De La Hoya

Lui Shirosagi

Shu Kurenai

Drum Koryu
Gwyn Reynolds
Delta Zakura
Xander Shakadera
Silas Karlisle
Zac Kaneguro
Wakiya Murasaki
Daigo Kurogami

Rantaro Kiyama
Ranjiro Kiyama
Hyuga Asahi
Hikaru Asashi
Lane Valhalla

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