asmr- ASMR What’s Your Tingle Immunity Level? Intense Trigger Warning!! (No Talking) NEW UPDATE

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ASMR What’s Your Tingle Immunity Level? Intense Trigger Warning!! (No Talking)

Welcome back to my channel! Today is a fun little video to test your immunity level. 10 triggers going from the most common and mild to the more intense and rare sounds. Full version here➡

00:00 ready…start!
00:10 Level 1 tapping
01:11 Level 2 scratching + tracing
02:11 Level 3 crinkle
03:11 Level 4 scratchy tapping
04:11 Level 5 furry mic scratching + blowing
05:11 Level 6 mic touching
06:11 Level 7 mic scratching using silicon spoolie
07:11 Level 8 mouth sounds
08:11 Level 9 visual triggers + panning + layered mic scratching
09:12 Level 10 helicopter

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