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ASMR Best Triggers for Sleep 3Hr (No Talking)

Welcome back to my channel! This video is a collections of gentle, slow, calming triggers that’s great for sleep and relaxation. Triggers including tapping, scratching, tracing, crinkles, sticky sounds and more!

00:01 preview
04:53 iPhone
16:33 silicon dish scrubber
19:26 silicon dish scrubber +toothbrush
24:59 wood bangles and balls
32:06 round brush
36:32 round brush+makeup brush
37:52 lipsticks
43:59 tape
49:53 cork roll
57:03 crystal
1:00:31 crystal+giant cotton swab
1:04:19 rainbow plastic balls
1:13:11 gold claws
1:22:25 fur scratching+tracing
1:28:56 kinetic sand-scoop
1:35:48 kinetic sand-roll
1:40:53 foam slime
1:50:01 vinyl sheet tapping
1:55:59 rhinstone mat tapping
2:02:39 rhinstone sheet
2:10:48 soft dishwasher
2:17:05 metal chain
2:24:41 holographic bag
2:31:43 bubble wrap
2:41:41 spiny silicon mat
2:47:35 round plastic cups
2:54:35 beauty blender

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