asmr- 100 Soaps ASMR SOAP HAUL Unpacking Unwrapping Unboxing International Soaps using NEW Technique NEW UPDATE

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100 Soaps ASMR SOAP HAUL Unpacking Unwrapping Unboxing International Soaps using NEW Technique

*What do I do with all the opened soap after the video is over?*
1. First, you should know that opening/unwrapping soap does not ruin it. Soaps actually have a very long shelf life, even if they remain unwrapped (for example, see this video where I use a soap that is over 100 years old: ). So, no, I am not wasting soap.
2. Typically, I re-wrap the soaps after my haul videos; sometimes I record this process in my REVERSED videos.
3. I always reuse the soaps in future videos: new hauls, cutting, lathering, stacking, etc..
4. Soaps that I do not use again for my channel, I give away as gifts, prizes, and/or charity donations. In the future, I will also sell them on eBay.
5. I am not hoarding soap nor am I depriving the world of soap. Soap is an abundant resource: it’s easy to make and it’s found everywhere. If anything, I am supporting small soap/cosmetics retailers from around the world by buying their merchandise.
About this video:
Something a little different here, as I try to unpack / unbox / unwrap / open my soaps continuously and with minimal tapping. It was a challenge to fight against my ASMR instincts to wrinkle the wrappers, tap my nails on the soap bars, or bang them together, but I think I abstained successfully.

And it was quite something to unwrap 100 bars in such a short amount of time!

Full disclosure: I didn’t count each bar, but I’m pretty sure my cursory estimation regarding the number is correct — if anything, it was probably a few bars over the presumed 100.

NO talking
NO cutting
LOTS OF novel fun

Brands represented include Zest, Duru, Dalan, Dial, Dove, Dettol, Camay, Lux, and more.
Regions represented include Indonesia, Mexico, US, Russia, India, Turkey, and more.


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