25 Min HYBRID HIIT Workout // High Intensity Cardio Workout New Update

Bạn đảng tìm kiếm hiit, Bạn đã tìm kiếm chính xác rồi, đây là những bài tập yoga giúp bạn cải thiện được thận hình nâng cao sức khỏe , hãy cùng xem và chia sẽ nhé:

25 MIN HYBRID HIIT WORKOUT – HIGH INTENSITY CARDIO WORKOUT // Today, we’re doing an intense hybrid HIIT workout. This one is a hybrid HIIT session and it’s an action-packed session that will keep you on your toes and ensure that you don’t get bored. I love hybrid exercises as you can work so many muscle groups in a short amount of time and it also means that the training intensity remains high, enabling you to create a greater calorie burn.

I have designed this circuit to work you out in different planes of motion, forcing you to accelerate, decelerate and stabilize your body during various movements. This type of workout will build functional strength, as in getting you fitter and stronger for activities of daily living. In day-to-day life, we do not just squat up and down on the spot over and over again. Instead, we bend down and pick stuff up using various joint angles and from different positions. Throughout the day, we will utilize a whole combination of movements in order to get things done and in my opinion, it totally makes sense to have this functional approach with your training too.

In conclusion, hybrid workouts are very time-efficient, whilst still being super effective for your muscle endurance and fat burning goals. Hope you all enjoy this.

Check out all of the exercises featured in this hybrid HIIT workout below.

2 rounds | 12 hybrid exercises per round | 45 seconds per exercise | 15 seconds rest after every exercise

10 x mountain climbers & 10 x high knees
4 x jumping jacks & 1 star jump
1 x vertical jump with plank walk-out & 1 press up
2 x ice skaters & 2 x ski jumps
Right double pulse reverse lunge with jump knee & double pulse reverse lunge with front kick
Left double pulse reverse lunge with jump knee & double pulse reverse lunge with front kick
1 x press up & 6 cross climbers
4 x heisman shuffle & 2 x ice skaters
Double jump squat & double jump lunge
4 x windscreen wipers & 2 x reverse crunches with hip lift
2 x single leg lowers & 2 x drawing full circles
2 x squat thrusts & 2 x plank jacks

Rest – 45 second rest

Repeat above circuit one more time

Finisher – 180 chest to floor burpees

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